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This is Ciaran,  

Growing up, I was painfully shy. I didn’t know to talk to girls. I was terrified of being judged and always thought people were laughing at me. As a result, women never took me seriously. I always wanted to be that cool guy who people loved hanging out with. Instead, I was terribly lonely.  

When I was 19, something finally snapped. I refused to accept that I’d spend my whole life as the person who women didn’t want to be around. This was not the way I wanted to live!  

So what did I do? I did a ton of research. And I realised the dating advice we’re fed by TV, films and magazines just doesn’t work. It’s an idealised version of what people wished was true, but it’s not. For instance, looks don’t matter all that much if you’re male. Yes, they don’t hurt, but they only open the door for you. Without having your personality handled, looks will get you nowhere as a man. Anyway, I learned more and more about social dynamics, how to express myself, and how to be attractive to women.  

Now, I help other men to remove their BS limiting beliefs, crush it in life and attract hot women. 

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