4 Weeks To Unstoppable Confidence 

  Unlock Your Inner Superhero In 28 Days  


The full 28-day course


  • Four Weeks To Unstoppable Confidence Course
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 30-minute Skype coaching (UNTIL SEPTEMBER 18)


The full 28-day course + added extras 


  • Four Weeks To Unstoppable Confidence Course
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 30-minute Skype coaching (UNTIL SEPTEMBER 18)
  • 'How To Deal With Rejection' E-Book 
  • 'How To Approach Women' E-Book  
  • Exclusive 'How To Get Girls' Podcast


The full 28-day course + added extras + extensive bonuses 


  • Four Weeks To Unstoppable Confidence Course
  • Private Facebook Group 
  • 30-minute Skype coaching (UNTIL SEPTEMBER 18)
  • ''How To Deal With Rejection' E-Book  
  • 'How To Approach Women' E-Book  
  • Exclusive 'How To Get Girls' Podcast 
  • Free hour of face-to-face coaching
  • Ultimate Text Messaging Guide
  • Online Dating Masterclass



What can I expect from the course?

Confidence coaches Joe Elvin and Ciaran Callam will walk you through a series of 28 chellenges proven to strengthen your willpower

Each challenge is explained in detail and demonstrated by the coaches. 

The difficulty increases every day, allowing people of all confidence levels to grow at a manageable pace, yet still boost their confidence to 'unstoppable' levels within four weeks.  

You can expect:  

  • practical exercises to push you out your comfort zone;
  • useful tips for communicating with unrelenting charisma;
  • lifestyle hacks to help you attack the day with added energy; 
  • ground-breaking mindset shifts to transform the way you see yourself and the world around you; 
  • lasting improvement to your confidence and self-esteem.

Why does the course last 28 days?

Studies suggest it takes the human brain around 28 days to adjust to a new habit. By forcing you of your comfort zone in different ways for 28 days in a row, this course will permanently reduce your inhibitions, freeing you to become the badass you were always meant to be.  

You have life-long access to all 28 videos, but we strongly recommend completing one task per day in order to create lasting change to your personality.  

Will this course improve my dating life?


This course features specific modules to improve your flirting, and help you speak in a manner that women find attractive.  

What's more, the premium edition features specialist guides on texting and online dating.  

That aside, each and every module will help turn you into the type of man that women dream about. An assertive man with irresistible charisma and unstoppable self-belief. If you're looking for a more satisfying dating life, you've come to the right place.  

Having spent countless hours helping men improve their dating life, we've seen that most men tend to know what they SHOULD do to impress a woman. In most cases, they simply lack the confidence to make the right move.  

This course will reduce the anxiety you feel about dating AND all other areas of your life, making you a more attractive man in the process. 

How do I claim the advertised prices? 

In order to claim the prices advertised above, you must click orange 'BUY NOW' links above.

If you search for the course through Google or Udemy, you'll pay more.

Udemy occasionally updates prices based on inflation and exchange rate fluctuations, depending on the region you're buying from.

If you discover technical issues with the course, have some feedback, or would like to arrange further coaching drop us an email at joeandciaran at 4weekconfidence dot com.


Upgrade to Plus or Premium to gain access...

Skype consultation calls

In these 30-minute Skype consultations with Ciaran, you can discuss how to overcome any stumbling blocks you’ve hit regarding your confidence.  

If you purchase the Plus edition of the course, you're eligible for one consultation. Premium members get three.  

Hurry though, because we're only offering these to people who purchase before 18 September 2018.  


Plus and Premium members get immediate access to these two e-books. 

100 Women in 50 Days: Ciaran challenges himself to approach and flirt with two new women every day to help get over his approach anxiety. After pushing himself to meet beautiful women in intimidating scenarios for 50 days, he finished the challenge knowing he could meet women anywhere he wanted.

100 Days Of Rejection: Ciaran used to care a little too much about what people thought and feared rejection. This book details his efforts to build his self-confidence by facing a different type of rejection every day. 

Face-to-face coaching

If you're a Premium member who can make the journey to London, we'd love to meet you and give a complimentary hour of face-to-face coaching.

This can be exchanged for an extra hour of Skype calls if you prefer. Again, this offer only lasts until September 18.  

Private Facebook group

Success comes easier when you're surrounded by a determined tribe working towards the same goal.  

Within this private Facebook group, all members can share their successes, ask questions and be inspired by others.  

They'll also have the opportunity to be coached through each lesson by Ciaran and Joe. 


For the first time, Ciaran and Joe publicly discuss their journey transforming from lonely, heartbroken losers to men who could thrive in singledom and enjoy their dating lives.

Plus and Premium members can listen to this exclusive podcast is full of heart-warming stories, cringeworthy mistakes and useful tips to learn from.  

Dating guides 

We've teamed with some of the UK's greatest online dating coaches to present Premium members with two lengthy guides.

Our guide to crushing Tinder uses official data and expert tips to reveal the 'Six Photos That Win Her Heart' and how to write a biography that girls can't help but swipe right on.

From there, check out Alex 'Ice' White's text messaging guide, which is jam-packed with dozens of real-life text conversations, broken down to explain how he tempts girls to come straight to his house.  

With these guides, you'll never need to go on a date again.  

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